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Saturday, 1 August 2020

Tears of sad expectations of Life.

My feelings is the best company I can ever have. It decides my day every moment because of its flexibility and consistency. Many men only thinks nothing of themselves because of this inner feelings that cubes the corridor of a person's mood. I react to it like a baby without considering how it can make or mar me. Yes, alot of feelings are necessary but in it's necessity lies the pain and regret because it decides the days activities. 

What a foolish world that brings joy and sadness at the same Time. Mocking man's life as if it's a game of either win or lose. Everything turns unexpected in a twinkle glance of one second seeming to be right but returns back like a stone thrown up coming down to the center of origin. 

I must marry the weariness of my anxiety and sadness for the worlds solution lies in my palm because I am born to control it. Yes, born to control it because when you reason why small things make bigger hell out than big things, you will see that nothing is ever promised. Never forget to be that man that brings life's expectations to its balance for more are coming heavier than ever. 

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