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Saturday, 1 August 2020

Dream of us healing the world.- by T.M. OBAYI

Once upon a Time in my dream, all I could think about at that very moment was my loved ones to be safe. 
Everyone were talking, laughing, including the children playing hide and seek in the garden. As I was admiring the fun and happiness dwelling therein, suddenly I saw a volcano eruption just like on TVs it was full of a smoking mountain with some unreasonably talking noise. Releasing dark clouds and red hot charcoal stones. 
Fortunately there was a River called Savannah where everyone escaped from, that river was very close to the mountain and it's a known route which is faster to get to the safety Townhouse popularly called Nairavilla. This part of the nation accommodates homeless and not hopeless people around the world. Thousands of nation's pays tribute to it for the protection and provision of mankind's weakness. Most persons whom reside at Nairavilla were Old men and women, handicapped and those that cant provide for themselves. 
Immediately, I woke up and felt like mens heart in this world should never stop giving to those that can't provide for themselves.

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