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Thursday, 7 May 2020


Everything happens for a reason. But there are some certain things that never should have happened because the reason why it happened is way too lower than what it took away. Time tells a lot of stories but no story is better told about than good memories about someone that means a lot to you. No one is perfect and no one has it all, we all are mere beings struggling to meet up to our expectations. Praying and hoping for a best day of our dreams. It never happened unintentionally; it never happened with a warning but happened thunderously as if it was waiting for a day to strike. There came a time when everything moved like an unstoppable beast, playing sweet drums melodious to the heart and skillfully stick unending joy embracing happiness. Then one day a fight broke up and ended in tears and sadness living the victims of love heartbroken. It's only true love that cannot wither away in the height of its predicament because no matter what their stand is there stand. So I say solemnly, love as if there's no tomorrow and rekindle every bit of love in your life with your partner that has been lost for it was never lost but covered up. Remember nothing goes for nothing continues digging it until you find that piece you are looking for. STAY HAPPY or build it if possible.

By: T. M. Obayi

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